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About us

Welcome to Carter Home Inspection Company!  My name is De Juan (DJ) Carter and my family and I reside in Olde Towne East and we’ve been Columbus natives for over 55 years.

Our mission

I started my company over 15 years ago, when I discovered mold in my own home.  This was completely shocking, as I’ve worked on my home for years and thought I knew every corner it had.   What I didn’t realize is how many people, just like myself, who don’t know where to look for mold – what it look like – and more importantly, what it can do to your health.  I’ve worked my life in the service industry and have always been a passionate person to help those in need, all the while having an entrepreneur spirit – so when the light-bulb went off that I could help those just like me to make their home safe again, I immediately started my training & certifications and here we are at present day – Carter Inspections Company.

I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of the clean-up and support of some of the devastating disasters in the United States and that work has continued to inspire my philanthropic spirit to help all those in need to live in a safe mold-free environment.

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Ultimately the decision to obtain a home inspection ensures your future investment!